A low-weight polyamide double braid with high elasticity, great strength and gets top marks for rope handling and spliceability.


Breaking Loads and Weights

Ø [mm] 12
Core Cover Slack [mm] 0
Elongation [%] 3.4
Sheat´s mass [%] 52
Core´s mass [%] 48
Shrinkage [%] 1.6
Breaking Strength linear [kN] 9
kg [100m] 9

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307

Climbing ropes (DIN EN 1891)

What does a professional arborist need to hit the treetops in a flash? Good climbing skills and the right ropes. You’ll need to hone your technique yourself – but we’ll provide you with the perfect ropes! Gleistein offers diverse choices with varying weights, surface finishes and strengths.

  • Double braid construction, uniform load distribution
  • Polyamide core, 16 plait
  • Polyamide cover, 20 plait
  • Thermostabilised
  • Colour: white/red
  • Standard: DIN EN 1891, Form A
  • Flexible cover for comfortable handling and excellent spliceability (splicing service available from Gleistein or its trade partners, if required)
  • CE certified
  • Climbing ropes may only be used if CE certified in accordance with DIN EN 1981. They are positioned on the boundary between PSE (Personal Safety Equipment) and systems for positioning at workplace, and are therefore subject to the EU machinery directive, which prescribes mandatory CE certification.
  • Accredited testing station: CE 0158