15 mars 2016

The Skywalk: Alex Thomson does it again!

Surfing kiteboard to double the height of the mast of the 60ft IMOCA HUGO BOSS

Following the "Keel Walk" and "Mast Walk", Alex Thomson – the daredevil of the sport of sailing – has done it again with his new stunt "The Skywalk". The stunt involves Alex Thomson chasing his IMOCA open 60 HUGO BOSS boat upwind on a kiteboard and attaching himself via a rope to the top of the boat’s mast. He then makes use of the speed of the race boat to propel himself 85m (280ft) into the air, sending him surfing above the HUGO BOSS yacht. When Thomson reaches the peak of his flight, he detaches himself from the boat and expertly controls his descent back down, landing the kiteboard on the water in true Alex Thomson style, all whilst wearing a stylish BOSS suit.

Gleistein Ropes is the Official Rope Supplier to the Alex Thomson Racing Team on board of HUGO BOSS.

Click here to see the full stunt and visit http://www.alexthomsonracing.com/ for more information.

Image credit: #skywalk by Alex Thomson Racing credit: Mark Lloyd