Ropes and their depiction




Achieving higher performance together. Seven braided cores, firmly bundled in a protective cover provide extremely good performance characteristics.


In a double braid rope, the core and cover share the load equally, even though applications may vary considerably.



With a round plait rope, a supporting braid determines the rope’s technical properties: it functions without a core – or without a cover, depending on your view of things …


In a square plait rope, eight strands are interwoven to form a roughly quadratic cross-section. It is very robust and has good grip, while simultaneously being relatively economic and easy to splice.



Laid (twisted) rope has existed for centuries. It is economical elastically, although it can open up under strain.

Raw materials

High modulus fibres: Mega

The triumph of high modulus fibres began with Aramid / Kevlar®, nowadays also known as Technora®. Dyneema®, Zylon® and Vectran® have now also joined rank. Because almost all molecular chains in the fibres are aligned in parallel, outstanding qualities result. Dyneema® provides even greater strength than steel with the same cross-section. And Gleistein Ropes, with its stretching technology, can truly claim to be a worldwide leader in this area, so that the strength and stretch of braided ropes has been further optimised.

High strength fibres: Geo

Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are high-strength fibres and provide especially well-balanced all-round properties at moderate prices. They ensure excellent handling and are clearly superior wherever elastic stretch is required. High-strength fibres are also extremely versatile and form the basis of our broad range of products, right up to optically similar, but technically far superior natural fibre substitutes.

Identification of ropes made of various raw material types



Dynema Dyneema®
HMPE, high modulus polyethylene
HMPE, heat set
Polyester Polyester



Identification of ropes made of various raw material types

In principle, every construction can be combined with any raw material or a mixture of different fibres.


geoone polyester polyprop 1 GeoOne Braid made of a polyester and polypropylene blend
X-Twin Rope comprising Dyneema® core and a polyester cover