7 oct. 2016

New Textilakademie NRW: €20 million for training & development

Industry association makes substantial investment into the future

Helping to ensure the next generation of talents in the textile industry obtains the highest level of training quality, the North-West German Textile and Clothing Industry Association (Verband der Nordwestdeutschen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie) together with Rhineland’s Textile and Clothing Industry Association (Rheinischen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie) are investing €20 million. Besides improving overall vocational training, the construction of the new Textilakademie NRW on the campus of the University of Applied Science Niederrhein in Monchengladbach is at the heart of this forward-looking investment project. Construction commences in November and the first cohort of trainees will walk through the brand-new academy doors in 2018. It is anticipated that the academy will help shore up a much-needed supply of highly qualified tradespersons and other specialist in the field, and will become the main training and development location for the entire industry.

As a member of the North-West German Textile and Clothing Industry Association, Gleistein Ropes strongly supports this initiative. Among the major initiators of the project is Gleistein’s co-Managing Director Klaus Walther, who is also a member of the association’s Executive Committee.