Impregnations and coatings

Geogard Marine Finish

  • Special coating for polyester and polyamide for higher tenacity through reduction of fibre friction
  • Better abrasion resistance and increase in longevity
  • Geogard is water resistant and its application leads to lower water absorption of the respective ropes


  • Special impregnation for enhanced abrasion resistance and improved break load for GeoProp ropes made in accordance with German technical delivery specification TL 4020-0028 and other products


  • Special coating through waterborn PU dispersion for improved abrasion resistance and for sealing rope surface
  • Better UV resistance through use of colour pigments
  • Colours: orange, yellow, green, blue, red, grey / anthracite

Geothane HD

  • Special coating for increase in break strength and improvement of abrasion resistance in a variety of industrial applications
  • The base material is slightly yellow and the surface of the coated rope has a somewhat sticky texture


  • Special finish to increase longevity of ropes deployed in applications with alternating bends under load


  • Special coating made of Acrylate delivering 2–3 times improved protection against abrasion compared with standard Polyurethane coatings