12 oct. 2017

Gleistein slings made with Dyneema® increase speed & safety while driving costs down

DSM Dyneema case study examining the Walney Extension offshore wind farm highlights the benefits

“Offshore wind farms are booming in Europe. Installation and operational costs are falling fast, and the amount of power generated is growing thanks to the advent of bigger turbines. The downside is that bigger also means heavier. Advances in lifting and installation technology are playing a significant part in further driving down costs. Gleistein slings made with Dyneema® SK78 helped reduce transshipment time by 3.5 days…”

Read the full case study prepared by DSM Dyneema here based on the work conducted using Gleistein lifting slings at the Walney Extension offshore wind farm, off the UK coast, in the Irish Sea. Once on-stream, the Walney Extension is expected to reclaim the title of “world’s biggest offshore wind farm” – a title previously held by the original wind farm on the site (Walney 1 & 2).