30 avr. 2019

Gleistein Ropes launches Texteel® – the new force in quality HMPE textile ropes

Bridging the gap between high performance and cost effectiveness

Leading rope manufacture Gleistein Ropes announces the launch of its new Texteel®series. With Texteel®, Gleistein introduces a HMPE fibre type for cost-conscious customers, combining the strength and elongation characteristics of steel wire rope with the low weight and exceptional handling attributes of textile fibre ropes. The alternative HMPE fibre used for the manufacture of Texteel® was carefully selected following extensive, rigorous tests at the Gleistein Ropes rope testing laboratory to ensure the company’s strict quality standards are completely and reliably maintained throughout the rope’s entire service life. Texteel® is available in two construction types as TexteelOne® and TexteelTwin®.

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Download the Texteel® catalogue here.