11 août 2017

Get to know the ropes: RollerTwin – the perfect furling line

Where the end is the beginning

Today, in our “Get to know the ropes” series, we want to acquaint you with a new champion in the Gleistein Ropes line-up: RollerTwin. The endless furling line is specially made as a continuous loop – without any bulging or loss of strength in the splice zone. With a core made of Dyneema® and a special grippy cover made of 50% Technora®, RollerTwin ensures uncompromised performance with ultimate precision, the maximum transfer of forces from the cockpit onto the roller furling and subsequently ensures the lightning-fast furling and unfurling of large headsails such as Code Zeros.  

Learn more about in the RollerTwin “Get to know the ropes” special!