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Dynamic Ropes

Climbing ropes are subjected to constant movement and repositioning. At the decisive moment, they must also be able to effectively catch a falling person – thereby absorbing the resulting shock load to avoid personal injury and go easy on fittings and mountings. Our dynamic ropes are made in accordance with the DIN EN 892 standard.

Accessory Cords

These thin, universal ropes belong to the standard equipment of every alpinist. They are used as throw lines as well as being implemented for various fastening and reparatory purposes. Their stable cross-section and robust surface ensure optimal handling under all types of conditions. Our accessory cords are manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN 564 standard and from ø 4mm bear the CE marker.

Static Ropes

The low elongation GeoStatic NE kernmantel ropes are ideal for carrying static loads. Each ropes is certified to the strict EN 1891 Type A “Low Stretch Kernmantle Ropes” standard – irrespective of diameter – and bears the UIAA safety label of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Climbing safety ropes

Primed for the climb – with the climbing safety ropes of the Tirol Rock Edition. They were developed in close cooperation with Tyrol Mountain Rescue to exploit practical experience for practical deployment. Perfectly engineered, these ropes are pre-spliced, secured and ready to use. They naturally also boast CE certification and the Tyrol Mountain Rescue Safety Certificate. A comprehensive practical guide is also included.