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From durable mooring lines and complete towing systems through to satisfying heavy-duty offshore demands and customised solutions for individual requirements: ropes from Gleistein keep the field of commercial marine moving.

Quick selection: Towing systems for bollard pull

Main towing line 120m
Fore runner 20m
Elongation at 50% of BL


Specs for 25 m main towing line and 20 m forerunner

Constant deployment under some of the most demanding conditions: that’s the reality towing system ropes face day after day. This makes choosing the right ropes crucial for ensuring your business keeps moving.

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Quick selection: Mooring lines

FLX Mooring System

X-Twin Dyneema®-Cover (Mooring)

Cruise Tail (Mooring)

  • Strength-optimised core made with Dyneema® SK78
  • Light and slender yet abrasion-resistant cover made with Dyneema®
  • Light and flexible for first-class handling under all conditions

X-Twin Plus-Cover (Mooring)

GeoMooring Tail (Mooring)

  • Strength-optimised core made of Dyneema® SK78
  • Affordable, lightweight cover made of a high-quality Plus fibre mix
  • Light and flexible for first-class handling under all conditions

DynaOne Iso (Mooring)

GeoSquare Plus loop (Mooring)

  • Strength equal to wire ropes: round braid made with 100% Dyneema® SK78
  • Perfectly engineered: compact construction type for long service life
  • Excellent handling: extremely light and flexible, easy to splice
Herkömmliche Festmacher

GeoTwin Winchmaster (Mooring)

  • Everything you could winch for!
    Perfect winch line with exemplary features at a surprisingly low price.

GeoSquare Tailmaster (Mooring)

  • Happy end:
    easy to splice square braid with weight-reducing polyolefin monofilaments that are carefully enveloped in polyester.

GeoOne Plus (Mooring)

  • Star with stripes:
    buoyant, robust auxiliary line made of Gleistein Plus yarns in an unmistakeable striped design.

More for your mooring …

For mooring lines, the work begins when the vessel comes to rest: they provide support and cushion shocks, but must also be strong and flexible. Premium solutions from Gleistein also offer outstanding longevity and considerable benefits in handling due to their low weight. As such, they are quickly superior to cheap alternatives – even in economic terms.

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It’s a world full of wonder and invention. And more often than not, what can be imagined can be turned into reality. It’s good to know that Gleistein shares your vision for special solutions.

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