8 avr. 2015

Extreme lifting performance with slings for the world’s largest cranes

Know-how and state-of-the-art equipment at Gleistein Ropes push out the boundaries of what is possible

Big, bigger, biggest: It has been a case of “all hands on deck” at Gleistein over the past several weeks as some of the strongest slings ever to leave the Gleistein Ropes production floor in Bremen were professionally crafted by a large team of our rope making specialists. A total of twelve slings each made of 128mm diameter 12-braid DynaOne® ropes have been manufactured for deployment on one of the world’s largest cranes. Each sling will boast a breaking load of 4,500 tons (SWL: 900 t) and will be combined to a single lifting gear setup to deliver some of the most extreme lifting performance ever provided by textile slings. Due to their low weight, the completed slings will enable the crane to transport payloads that are around 57 tons greater than if steel-based slings were used. This incredible feat is made possible through Gleistein’s ongoing commitment to rope making R&D and personnel development, it’s long history of cutting-edge solutions for industrial applications and continual investments in state-of-the-art production equipment.

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