20 janv. 2016

As pure as it gets: Pure DynaOne® with pure Dyneema® in pure black!

First customer takes delivery of the new DynaOne® sensation from Gleistein

First revealed at the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) exhibition in Amsterdam last November, pure black DynaOne® caused quite a stir. For the first time ever, a 100% Dyneema® line was to become available with completely through-dyed fibres ensuring its blackness remains as strong as ever no matter how long it is used. The exquisite black line also features a premium Geothane coating to optimise its resistance to abrasion. Delivering the strength of an equally dimensioned wire rope at merely around the seventh of its weight, Gleistein’s DynaOne® enjoys a well-earned reputation for extreme safety, handling and performance – and not only for deployment on the water as the proven by the first pure black DynaOne® customer Haeger Stunt & Wireworks. The Berlin-based stunt specialists will use the thin 3, 4 and 5mm lines – with break loads of up to an amazing 2,400daN – in elaborate stunt set-ups allowing people and objects to appear to be flying through scenes, for example. The black colour makes the lines appear to be almost invisible on dark backgrounds – thereby also helping to save time and money during post-production in films. More information on the stunt specialists is available on their Facebook page. If you are interested in pure black DynaOne® from Gleistein Ropes for your particular needs, then please get in touch