Dec 9, 2014

Still the biggest and still fitted with Gleistein mooring lines

Oasis of the Seas celebrates fifth anniversary of maiden voyage

In December 2009, the Oasis of the Seas embarked on it maiden commercial voyage. Together with its sister ship Allure of the Seas – which was launched a year later – it remains the world’s largest cruise liner at 360 metres length. Each of these 222,900 ton (gross) vessels features 16 passenger decks where up to 5,400 guests can relax, dine or be otherwise entertained. 100,000kW of power generated by eight giant V12 diesel motors is necessary to bring each of these swimming cities into motion. Yet just 24 of the blue-coloured DynaOne® mooring lines, made with Dyneema® fibres, each with a break load of 150,000daN and diameter of merely 46mm, suffice to keep these giants of the seas securely under control in the harbour, under all types of weather conditions. At just a seventh the weight and a similar thickness of comparably strong steel wire rope, the DynaOne® mooring lines provide significantly better handling characteristics, have negligible maintenance needs and boast a significantly longer service life – all factors that have since paid dividends for its operator Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

We’d like to wish Oasis of the Seas a very special 5th anniversary!

More information on the fit-out of the Gleistein Ropes DynaOne® mooring lines on both Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas can be found on the following information sheet issued by Dyneema®.