Jul 9, 2018

Reduced to the max: new GeoMarine catalogue specially dedicated to towing lines and systems, out now!

Download your personal copy

Selecting the right towing system including the optimal separate components depends on the individual practical demands of each application. Once in deployment, the equipment should simply work and last. Now, the job is made easier thanks to the long-awaited GeoMarine Towing Lines and Systems catalogue. It is Gleistein’s first dedicated catalogue for this tough industry sector and sets a new benchmark for this market, with:

  • Clearly focused product descriptions and clear overviews of recommended combinations
  • Gleistein’s superb GeoLink Lashings, metal-free soft shackles with pressure point markings, making the connection between towing lines and forerunners easier and safer
  • The new GeoProtect series delivering additional protection against wear in contact areas as well as at attachment points and deflections

…and a whole lot more – but always to the point and without superfluous information. 

Download the GeoMarine Towing Lines and Systems catalogue here.