Nov 17, 2009

New Gleistein Ropes products with latest Dyneema SK90 fibres

Higher modulus and greater strength – yet as light as ever


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Bremen, 17 November 2009

Significantly augmenting performance while keeping weight at an absolute minimum, the latest enhancements to the Gleistein Ropes product line are set to get the hearts and minds of all serious yachting enthusiasts racing. Henceforth, the series DynaOne HS, DynaOne, RunnerTwin TEC50 / PBO50 / VEC50 and MegaTwin T4 will be supplemented with rope types featuring the new state-of-the-art Dyneema® SK90 fibre. These cutting-edge innovations are on show for the first time at METS, running 17-19 November 2009, in Amsterdam. The Gleistein stand is located at booth 01.226.


Adding options that incorporate the brand new SK90 fibre grade from Dyneema® in its product portfolio, Gleistein Ropes continues to deliver the optimal solutions for all those seeking out the ultimate in rope performance. SK90 increases strength by 15% and boasts a 25% higher modulus in comparison to the already formidable SK75 and SK78 fibre grade while retaining the extremely low weight of its predecessors.

The Gleistein Ropes DynaOne HS, DynaOne, RunnerTwin TEC50 / PBO50 / VEC50 and MegaTwin T4 series will be the first to incorporate the SK90 fibre. They are the premier choice of all aspiring to take their equipment to the limit and gain a decisive edge over their competitors.  After all, in race conditions a fraction of a second is sometimes all there is between bathing in glory and wallowing in gloom. Ken Read, Skipper of the Puma Ocean Racing Team in the Volvo Ocean Race 2008/2009, confirms: "In the extreme conditions of a Volvo Ocean Race small differences in material can really make a difference. The benefits of Dyneema® SK90 are obvious."

Taking performance a level even further is DynaOne HS. Through the unique Gleistein heat setting production process, rope strength is enhanced by around 50% over its non heat-set counterpart of the same girth. Now, with Dyneema® SK90, a 10mm DynaOne HS rope boasts a break load of 11,500 daN at just 5.6kg/100m, for example. Furthermore, The result is a rope constructed to the most exacting standards for the most demanding applications.

These innovations are being shown for the first time at METS in Amsterdam. The trade fair runs 17-19 November 2009 and the Gleistein stand is located at 1.226.


New ropes with Dyneema® SK90 overview:

DynaOne HS

  • 12-strand braid of 100% Dyneema® SK90 fibres
  • Heat set for extra strength and cross-section stability
  • Protective coating of coloured Geothane



  • 12-strand braid of 100% Dyneema® SK90 fibres
  • Protective coating of coloured Geothane


RunnerTwin TEC50 / PBO50 / VEC50

  • Core: 12-plait from Dyneema® SK90 fibre with Geothane HD coating
  • Cover: 32-plait in three different specialised constructions:
    • TEC 50: 50% Technora®, 50% Polyester HT
    • PBO 50: 50% Zylon®, 50% Polyester HT
    • VEC 50: 50% Vectran®, 50% Polyester HT


MegaTwin T4

  • Core: 12-strand braid of Dyneema® SK90 fibres
  • 24-plait cover of HT continuous filament Polyester twines


About Gleistein Ropes

Gleistein has been manufacturing ropes since 1824 and is the oldest family industrial company in Bremen (Germany). Together with its Trencin (Slovakia) plant the company boasts two of the most modern rope manufacturing facilities in the world with a total production area of more than 17,000m². Modern chemical fibres, sophisticated designs and future-oriented rope finishing equipment and procedures offer a definite quality "plus" that directly benefits the consumer. Gleistein offers a complete service, provides its customers with industry-leading know-how and assists in selecting the perfect rope - whatever the need. Ready-to-use finishing of products, execution of contracted tests and the development of tailor-made solutions round out the comprehensive range of services..

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