Apr 8, 2016

Mooring lines from Gleistein Ropes secure MODERN EXPRESS after salvage operation

Gleistein customer ShoreTension commissioned to ensure safe and stable mooring in Bilbao harbour

Following the spectacular salvage operation by SMIT Salvage of the heavily listing MODERN EXPRESS in the Bay of Biscay in February, the 164 metre vessel was safely moored in the Spanish harbour of Bilbao. The ShoreTension Dynamic Mooring System was used to secure the MODERN EXPRESS at the harbour. The system uses Gleistein Ropes lines made with Dyneema® fibres as well as the unique ShoreTension cylinders to provide the crucial constant tension on the lines that is required to reduce ship movement when docked – and is the world’s most successful shore-based ship mooring system today. A total of six ShoreTensions were used. The vessel has since been safely uprighted not least to the contribution of Gleistein Ropes customer ShoreTension, based in Rotterdam.

All main lines used in the system (main mooring line, forerunner and quay-side fastening line) are from Gleistein Ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 fibres. They are the result of more than five years of joint research and development with ShoreTension and feature a newly developed construction type with various cover braidings and optimised strength members. Custom end terminations and special protective elements for the eyes and other lengths round out this specialised solution.