Dec 14, 2017

Made with Gleistein: world’s longest, steepest and fastest urban zipline

Breathtaking XLine experience opens in Dubai

A full kilometre long, departing from a height of 170 metres and reaching speeds of 80km/h as it dashes down at an incline of 16 degrees, the XLine urban zipline in Dubai’s Marina district is a sure hit among adrenalin junkies. The world’s longest, steepest and fastest urban zipline opened for business in early December – and even allows two thrillseekers to take the plunge simultaneously and share the experience side-by-side as they plummet past the adjacent skyscrapers and across the water. Gleistein Ropes has had no inconsequential role in making this attraction possible: the ziplines deployed were made by Gleistein in Bremen. At total of 2,400 metres of 14mm diameter X-Twin noveni PES Cover lines made with Dyneema® SK99 were supplied – delivering the strength and durability demanded for a project of this type.

Check out this video of one of the first trailblazers to test the XLine in Dubai.