Mar 20, 2020

Information on Corona Virus COVID-19

Dear customer, supplier and other partner of the Gleistein group of companies,

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we're experiencing special times right now. The governments of our countries order drastic but necessary and correct measures that change our lives significantly.

We at Gleistein would like to inform you how we are dealing with the pandemic and what measures we have taken. 

We take the worldwide spread of the Corona Virus very seriously. The well-being of our employees and all of our partners must be at the center of our actions. Gleistein wants to be an active part in slowing the spread of the virus so that all seriously ill people can be cared for as well as possible. At the same time, our employees should be protected from infection as much as possible and our customers should be supplied on time and as required.

In this respect, we have taken comprehensive measures to ensure that our activities are largely organized and at the same time provide the highest possible level of protection for our employees, suppliers and customers. With this we would like to name a few:

  • Additional hygiene and behavioral rules for preventive measures
  • Safety instructions to raise employee awareness
  • Minimization of the risk of infection through spatial distance from each other, no shaking hands, no other physical contact, such as patting the shoulder, etc.
  • Increase in disinfection dispensers
  • Disinfection of contact surfaces such as door handles, handrails and light switches several times a day
  • Stricter building access regulations and controls for employees and guests
  • Access bans, home office and leave of absence for high-risk individuals
  • Temporal separation of shift work so that employees cannot meet and therefore cannot be infected.
  • Employees who return professionally or privately from risk areas stay at home for 2 weeks and work from their home office if possible.
  • Reduction of meetings and business trips to a necessary minimum
  • Increased use of digital technologies for conferences and voting
  • Relocated work of employees with similar activities

We are very happy that we do not currently have any employees with the new Corona Virus.

Our two production plants in Bremen and Trencin process existing and new orders on schedule. We made early provisions on the purchasing side and so far have not noticed any interruptions in the supply chain.

Due to the unpredictability of the further development, we can unfortunately not guarantee that promised delivery dates can be met in every case. We would like to encourage you to arrange your needs with us in good time and in sufficient quantities so that we can counteract potential delays in deliveries together.

In case of any unforeseen bottlenecks in the cooperation, we will do everything to solve them in partnership with you. Here we have a special request for you.

In any case, let us know if you can close your shop or if you cannot accept any more goods for any other reason. This helps us to avoid unnecessary transportation and the associated costs.

We are certain that we have done everything we can to do as much as possible to minimize the consequences of the crisis.

If we are not allowed to come closer to one another in terms of space, we should compensate for this through close and open communication. This close cooperation will enable us to weather this crisis together.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to it.

Above all, stay careful and healthy!


Thomas Schlätzer                     Klaus Walther               Michal Sandrej