Sep 24, 2013

“HelWin alpha” transformer station platform for offshore wind farms makes journey with Gleistein

15,000 ton giant towed to North Sea destination using Gleistein fore runners and towing lines

Safely completing a journey taking it from the Wismar docks in Germany, around the Danish peninsula to its final installation site close to Helgoland in the German North Sea, HelWin alpha has notched up quite a few sea miles. Not bad considering the 72m long, 52m wide and 65m high giant is not strictly a seafaring vessel. The 15,000 ton transformer station platform was constructed to connect the Nordsee Ost and Meerwind Süd/West wind parks to the mainland electricity grid. Five tug boats were required for its transportation, using fore runners and towing lines from Gleistein, including 300 ton break load DynaOne® lines. The installation of HelWin alpha represents a significant step forward for the delivery renewable wind energy to mainland customers. Gleistein also delivers advanced lifting technologies for the construction and maintenance of both on and offshore wind turbines, including high-performance textile lifting slings and high-speed hoists, with its fully owned subsidiary UPDRAFT.