Apr 23, 2010

Gorch Fock

“Gorch Fock” refit with GeoTwist Thempest from Gleistein

New rigging lends the pride of the German Navy a new lease on life

The “Gorch Fock” has seen its fair share of comings and goings in its time. Since its maiden voyage in 1958, the grand dame of the German Navy has not only continuously welcomed a steady stream of marine cadets but also played host to many high profile guests. Now the time has come to bid farewell to its old rigging and welcome in the new. Following months of testing various options and careful deliberation by the crew and technicians, the honour was awarded to GeoTwist Thempest. This Gleistein rope – a fibre mix of polyester and a special fibrillated polypropylene – convinced thanks to its exceptional performance characteristics. And weighing 25% less than the previously used rigging with roughly the same breaking load, around 5,000kg could be saved together with the alignment of the blocks – enabling a substantial amount of ballast from the keel to be shed too. The classic tallship will thereby be lighter and faster following the refit that is taking place at the Elsflether Docks in northern Germany – without any compromise to safety. As icing on the cake, the “Gorch Fock” will sport GeoTwist Thempest in a hemp colour, letting it sail the seas in a traditional look befitting the vessel to perfection.