Jun 6, 2016

Gleistein Ropes rubs shoulders with world’s greatest stunt riggers

Level 1 & Level 2 stunt rigging courses in Berlin using ropes from Gleistein

Just a few weeks ago, stunt riggers from far and wide came to Berlin to get the low-down from the masters of the craft. It was here that the world’s leading stunt coordinators – Australia’s Keir Beck (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Ralf Haeger (Point Break 2) from Germany – held Level 1 & 2 stunt rigging courses at the Haeger Stunt and Wireworks studios located in Berlin-Spandau. The intensive, extremely “hands on” courses, each held over five days, delved deep into the science of stunt rigging – with all textile ropes used coming from Gleistein.

Everything in this line of business is high-tech, with the best only just being good enough – from the fittings right down to the ropes. Among the highlights deployed was Gleistein’s new pure black DynaOne® line. The black colour has proven to be a real boon for stunt work as the lines appear virtually invisible on dark backgrounds. This means that these lines can actually save significant amounts of time and money during post-production in films! As reported previously, Haeger Stunt & Wireworks was the first professional customer of the breakthrough pure black DynaOne® line – ordering slim 3, 4 and 5mm lines delivering fat break loads of up to an amazing 2,400daN each.

Course participants were also treated to a special bonus from Keir Beck who broke down and explained the rigs used in the biggest stunts of “Fury Road”, the latest instalment of the Mad Max series, for which Keir recently received the prestigious Taurus World Stunt Award as stunt coordinator.

Check out the videos that document the work undertaken in each of the courses (Level 1; Level 2) ) look at a selection of photos taken by Gleistein Ropes, which was also in attendance.

More information on the Gleistein range for stunt and theatrical rigging can be found in our GeoStage catalogue. For more information when the next stunt rigging course will be held, check out the websites of Haeger Stunt and Wireworks based in Berlin and AP8 Stunts & Rigging based on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast.