Oct 31, 2012

Gleistein Ropes recalls Triple Safety Loop self-belay sling

Precautionary measure to ensure safety

The issue of safety has utmost importance at Gleistein – particularly when it comes to climbing ropes. Today, Gleistein Ropes announces an urgent recall of its “Triple Safety Loop” self-belay sling, an innovative new product from the Tirol Rock Edition that recently passed all certification tests. In one instance for an as yet unknown reason, the securing splice opened unexpectedly during use and fortunately did not result in personal injury. Gleistein is therefore recalling all “Triple Safety Loop” self-belay slings as a precautionary measure to exclude the possibility of any further incidents until investigations indentifying the precise reasons have been completed. Your Gleistein product will be returned to you promptly following a stringent inspection.

Please send your “Triple Safety Loop” self-belay sling along with the inspection card and details of your return address to:

Geo. Gleistein & Sohn GmbH
Keyword: "Triple Safety Loop"
Heidlerchenstrasse 7
28777 Bremen