Aug 22, 2012


Gleistein Ropes provides added clarity for high performance ropes made with Dyneema® at SMM 2012 in Hamburg

The XCover System delivers a new perspective

Gleistein now provides its customers with a significantly easier way to choose high performance ropes with cores made of Dyneema® – by looking at things in a different way. The new XCover System approaches rope selection by considering the factor typically most important when choosing ropes: the break load. Ropes are traditionally described via their outer diameter resulting from the total cross-section of both core and cover. However, the strength of ropes made with Dyneema® is determined exclusively by the load-bearing core. In contrast, the cover serves to ensure the rope is primed for the various potential areas of specific application. This means that overall diameter and weight varies, but the strength remains constant. That is why Gleistein is now turning the tables on the usual convention and breaks down its range of high modulus double and multiple braids according to their respective break loads. This ensures more clarity and easier comparisons. The XCover System will be unveiled along with further tailor-made rope solutions in the area of commercial marine at the SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) trade fair in Hamburg taking place 4-7 September. Gleistein can be found in Hall A1, Stand 432.

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