Jun 9, 2010

Gleistein Ropes founds updraft GmbH together with PP Energy ApS

New company delivers advanced lifting technologies, concentrating on the fast-growing wind energy market

Press Information

Bremen, 9 June 2010

Gleistein Ropes announces the founding of updraft GmbH. Established together with renowned wind industry product innovator, PP Energy ApS of Nordborg, Denmark, each company will hold a 50% stake in the new subsidiary. updraft will provide advanced lifting technologies for industry - particularly for the fast-growing wind turbine market, with a main focus on the design, manufacture, distribution and maintenance of high-speed hoists along with lifting slings. The joint managing directors of updraft GmbH, which is based in Bremen, Germany, are: Paul Teichert, Klaus Walther and Thomas Schlaetzer. 

Nowadays, economy and ecology are closely related and today's competitive business environment makes no exceptions even for so-called green industries. With the founding of updraft GmbH, the doors open for wind turbine manufacturers and other industrial companies to provide their customers with new solutions to help maximise their profitability.

The first patented updraft High-Speed Hoist revolutionises maintenance procedures for wind turbine plants. Maintenance or construction staff will be where they need to be in half the time as hoist speed is double that of customary winches - at least 20 metres per minute. As turbine sizes and tower heights increase, the time savings become even more significant. Furthermore, a generous payload of 800kg minimises the number of required ascents and descents.

Use of synthetic fibre rope in the updraft high-speed hoists lets the strength of steel wire be attained at just a 12th of the weight and with a 25% smaller diameter.

Complementing the hoists is a range of ultra-lightweight, high-performance lifting slings - which among other applications are deployable in the initial installation of wind turbines. The updraft LS series currently boasts breaking loads to 700.000 daN.

Besides their advantage in terms of strength, weight and all-round handling, synthetic fibre ropes are also resistant to the effects of salt water. They are therefore ideal for application on the growing number of offshore windparks.

The prospects for updraft are enviable. The wind energy market has enjoyed explosive rates of growth over the past years. In 2009 alone, worldwide wind-based power generation capacity rose by 31.7%, according to the World Wind Energy Association. Given a maturing global consciousness of the social, economic and environmental benefits that wind energy delivers, the future pace of expansion is anticipated to accelerate further.

updraft GmbH is based in Bremen, Germany. It is a joint and equal subsidiary of Geo. Gleistein & Sohn GmbH and PP Energy AsP. The managing directors are Paul Teichert, Klaus Walther and Thomas Schlaetzer.


About Gleistein Ropes

Gleistein has been manufacturing ropes since 1824 and is the oldest family industrial company in Bremen (Germany). Together with its Trencin (Slovakia) plant the company boasts two of the most modern rope manufacturing facilities in the world with a total production area of more than 17,000m². Modern chemical fibres, sophisticated designs and future-oriented rope finishing equipment and procedures offer a definite quality "plus" that directly benefits the consumer. Gleistein offers a complete service, provides its customers with industry-leading know-how and assists in selecting the perfect rope - whatever the need. Ready-to-use finishing of products, execution of contracted tests and the development of tailor-made solutions round out the comprehensive range of services. 


About PP Energy ApS

Founded in 2003 by Paul Teichert and Peter Mads Clausen, PP Energy has built a strong reputation for developing and marketing state-of-the-art, high-tech products with a primary focus on the constantly expanding wind industry. The company prides itself on the close dialogue it maintains with customers and users, ensuring new possibilities
are swiftly recognised and drawn upon for continuous business growth. As a part of Mads Clausen Entrepreneur Park, PP Energy is also a "Trusted by Danfoss" company and thereby compliant with numerous standards with respect to quality, business and ethics. 


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