Mar 19, 2018

Gleistein Ropes and smartphones connect with NFC

Years of proven performance

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been around for a good few years already and is familiar to many people. But the fact that Gleistein incorporates this technology in its ropes upon the request of its customers may be news to some. An NFC chip that is fitted to a rope can store all manner of information including rope specifications such as dimensions, break load, materials, the exact article number and date of manufacture. Other particulars like details on relevant certifications, recommended inspection intervals and much more can be stored on the NFC chip, too. This information can then be simply scanned by smartphones (with NFC reading capabilities) and displayed on the device screen. The connection is completely wireless and the phone need only be a few centimetres from the chip.

This makes it easy to check the rope’s age, or if needed, to find out the precise dimensions and/or strength if the rope needs replacing, for example. The NFC chip is securely whipped in the rope and is unaffected by salt water and the elements. It does not require any power, meaning there is no maximum lifespan for the chip.

Gleistein can incorporate NFC chips in any of its ropes – and has been doing so for years! Contact the Gleistein sales team in your specific area for more information.