May 26, 2015

Gleistein in the spotlight at the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre

The Amara Zee tall ship completely rigged with lines from Gleistein Ropes

Performing open air on the deck of the 90 foot (27.5m) tall ship, Amara Zee, the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre puts on spectacular shows in a spectacular setting no matter where it happens to be moored around the world. The ship design is based on traditional Thames River sailing barges and is equipped with the best of contemporary theatre and marine technology. Gleistein Ropes has supplied the complete rigging over the last four seasons of shows already. Performances are staged on the entire deck, on the masts and rigging, on the water and land surrounding the vessel. Gleistein is big fan of “Caravan” and is proud to be on board. And the feeling is obviously mutual, with the Caravan Stage Team recently commenting to us: “GLEISTEIN ROPES is doing a brilliant job of rigging the entire pallet of Caravan technical, flying, and special effects. We love your ropes!”

For a better insight on what it is all about, take a look at the promotional video for the Caravan Stage “Hacked: the Treasure of the Empire” show, a 90 minute experimental theatre opera with aerial dance, large puppets and video projections – all staged on the decks and in the rigging of the Amara Zee. Further information and reviews from performances over the last four years can also be found on our facebook page.

Gleistein Ropes has an entire range that has been carefully put together for specific stunt rigging and theatrical needs. Its name: GeoStage. Take a look at the catalogue here.