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Stunt rigging ropes

…and action! Stunt rigging ropes literally let people and objects go up in the air. They feature low stretch for highest precision as well as extreme strength with ample safety reserves and a small diameter – as the thinner the rope, the less you can see it. Gleistein provides a superior, perfectly attuned range of high-tech fibre ropes specifically for this purpose.

Flying ropes for hemp sets and counterweight systems  

Manually operated flying ropes put stage equipment, props and curtains smoothly and silently into motion. They’re a vital yet invisible part of every successful theatre production! Flying ropes must be carefully aligned with the attributes of the counterweight system being used. Besides durability and balanced stretch characteristics, a decisive factor for flying ropes is a pleasant rope surface for easy handling.

General purpose ropes

Ropes are deployed on every stage in the world. They enable people and objects to fly through the air, ensure movement and offer support while conducting daring manoeuvres – just to name a few of their applications. An all-purpose line from the props warehouse should therefore boast balanced universal characteristics – because you never know what its next assignment might be. We’ve put together a selection for such purposes.


What holds solid as a rock, is light as a feather and doesn’t hurt if it hits you on the head? GeoLink, the textile shackle made of DynaOne®! Handling is a cinch too and it also costs considerably less than its stainless steel counterpart. Areas of deployment: Everywhere where something needs to be connected…