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All GeoSafe Ropes

GeoSafe GeoTwin (DIN EN 1891)

Double-braided safety lines from Gleistein are torque-free, boast high strength and feature no measurable core to cover slack. This product admirably demonstrates our ability to deliver ropes perfectly matched to requirements of any type of installation. GeoSafe GeoTwin ropes comply with all DIN EN 354 criteria.

GeoSafe GeoTwist (DIN EN 354)

These four-strand, laid safety ropes from Gleistein are exceedingly robust and dimensionally stable, feature a sure-grip surface and are highly elastic. They have reliably proven themselves over decades in a multitude of applications. The GeoSafe GeoTwist ropes fully comply with the DIN EN 354 standard.

Static ropes (DIN EN 1891)

The low elongation GeoStatic NE kernmantel ropes are ideal for carrying static loads. Each ropes is certified to the strict EN 1891 Type A “Low Stretch Kernmantle Ropes” standard – irrespective of diameter – and bears the UIAA safety label of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Climbing ropes (DIN EN 1891)

What does a professional arborist need to hit the treetops in a flash? Good climbing skills and the right ropes. You’ll need to hone your technique yourself – but we’ll provide you with the perfect ropes! Gleistein offers diverse choices with varying weights, surface finishes and strengths.

Accessory Cords (DIN EN 564)

These thin, universal ropes belong to the standard equipment of every alpinist. They are used as throw lines as well as being implemented for various fastening and reparatory purposes. Their stable cross-section and robust surface ensure optimal handling under all types of conditions. Our accessory cords are manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN 564 standard and from ø 4mm bear the CE marker.