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Climbing ropes

What does a professional arborist need to hit the treetops in a flash? Good climbing skills and the right ropes. You’ll need to hone your technique yourself – but we’ll provide you with the perfect ropes! Gleistein offers diverse choices with varying weights, surface finishes and strengths.

Rigging Lines/Bull Ropes

Aborists face many let downs in the line of their work. Gleistein assists by providing special rigging lines allowing cut branches to be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner. Besides strength and easy handling characteristics, the ropes boast high abrasion resistance to contend with regular exposure to rough surfaces during descents.

Special demands, special solutions

Light-as-a-feather Throw Lines are used as a front ropes for pulling through equipment of heavier ropes; ropes for securing branches are a part of a flexible “corset”; lifting slings are available ready-to-use and complete with a flexible eye and partial protective sleeve; Safety Wire provide more safety during work with power saws.

Static ropes

The low elongation GeoStatic NE kernmantel ropes are ideal for carrying static loads. Each ropes is certified to the strict EN 1891 Type A “Low Stretch Kernmantle Ropes” standard – irrespective of diameter – and bears the UIAA safety label of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.