Wool-PA 6.6 staple fibre

The fibre mix of wool and polyamide gives this roller lapping a soft, textile-like surface.

Wool-PA 6.6 staple fibre

Breaking Loads and Weights

Elongation at 10% of break load %
Sidelenght [mm] kg [100m]

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307


Roller lappings are constructed of a total of 13 strands: Eight braids surrounding the central strand or “heart” of the rope and four corner strands. These converge in parallel to stabilise the densely packed, uniformly square cross-section. A diverse range materials and material blends is on offer.

  • 13-strand ropes with an exact square plait cross section are produced in an exclusive, compact wayThe braiding of 8 braids, 1 parallel central strand and 4 parallel corner strands in a highly specialised procedure on one of the biggest plaiting machines in the world produces this unique product
  • The raw materials used, which include polyamide 6.6 and polyester in both continuous and texturised form, give this product it´s original appearance and good manageability
  • Also available in Wool / PA 6.6 combined filament
  • Square, extremely compact cross section
  • GeoRolap ropes are cut to length and then handtapered, in a process noted for its´ high level of craftsmanship
  • GeoRolap ropes are represented worldwide and contact can be made through us