Herkules 1S

A singularly perfect match

Herkules 1S

Breaking Loads and Weights

Elongation at 10% of break load %
Ø [mm] Wire strands Rope core kg [100m] (min. –max.) Bl. linear [kN]**
6 6x19+1FC
(3 mm Ø)
5.2 7.7
8 6x19+1FC
(5 mm Ø)
10.2 16.5

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307

Herkules for playgrounds

Each Herkules strand boasts a tough core made of steel wire for optimised protection against vandalism and to deliver high strength. It simultaneously ensures the rope
has high dimensional stability and sufficient rigidity so that its internal tension provides the netted structure with support. This also means the resistance felt when climbing up or down such structures is predictable. And that means greater safety! Each strand is tightly enveloped with a textile covering to deliver maximum grip with minimised risk for injury. With these characteristics, Herkules has become the underlying constructional component for many types of playground equipment. Gleistein Ropes offers a complete range for the most playful of all rope segments, which is backed up with decades of experience and a genuine fondness for playground equipment!

  • A steel strand enveloped by textile braids and perfectly attuned to the colour and material of its bigger siblings.
  • Herkules 1S complements the successful and well-proven Herkules 6S and 4S product lines as a durable material for whipping end terminations and connecting sections.