GeoTwist Polyamid(e) 4S

Extremely durable, four-strand laid safety rope boasting a sure-grip surface and high elasticity.

GeoTwist Polyamid(e) 4S

Breaking Loads and Weights

Elongation at 10% of break load %
Ø [mm] kg [100m] Bl. real [kN]* Bl. linear [kN]**

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307

GeoSafe GeoTwist (DIN EN 354)

These four-strand, laid safety ropes from Gleistein are exceedingly robust and dimensionally stable, feature a sure-grip surface and are highly elastic. They have reliably proven themselves over decades in a multitude of applications. The GeoSafe GeoTwist ropes fully comply with the DIN EN 354 standard.

  • Four-strand laid polyamide rope with centre core
  • Thermostabilised
  • Standard: DIN EN 354
  • Absorbs strong shocks due to high constructional and material elasticity
  • Very dimensionally stable cross-section
  • Not torque free
  • Often used as a fasteners and lanyards
  • Exceptional spliceability
  • Without CE certification. Certification required as part of a complete system.
  • All components of a PSE (Personal Safety Equipment) system must be attuned to each other, approved by an accredited institute and be CE