Rope shackle made from DynaOne® (100% Dyneema® SK78)


Breaking Loads and Weights

Ø [mm] Overall stretched length when closed [mm] SWL [daN] Bl. real [daN]* Color
4 85 450 900 grau grey gris
8 110 600 1,200 rot red rouge
10 110 1,750 3,500 blau blue bleu
12 125 2,125 4,250 gelb yellow jaune
14 150 3,500 7,000 blau blue bleu
18 175 5,000 10,000 grau grey gris

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307


What holds solid as a rock, is light as a feather and doesn’t hurt if it hits you on the head? GeoLink, the textile shackle made of DynaOne®! Handling is a cinch too and it also costs considerably less than its stainless steel counterpart. Areas of deployment: Everywhere where something needs to be connected…

  • GeoLink will tighten under tension and can be easily opened again when relaxed
  • Non-metallic end termination with remarkable break load at ultra-low weight