Gemini X

The all-rounder: Flexible yet robust double braid made of polyester. Universally deployable, ideal for application with Prusik slings.

Gemini X

Breaking Loads and Weights

Elongation at 10% of break load %
Ø [mm] kg [100m] Bl. real [daN]* Bl. linear [daN]**
10 7.5 23.5 26
12 10 32 36
14 13.5 41 46
16 19 55 61
18 24 68 76
20 30 91 101

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307

Rigging Lines/Bull Ropes

Aborists face many let downs in the line of their work. Gleistein assists by providing special rigging lines allowing cut branches to be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner. Besides strength and easy handling characteristics, the ropes boast high abrasion resistance to contend with regular exposure to rough surfaces during descents.

  • High Quality double braid produced from special Polyester with the characteristic double marker yarns. Robust and light with high break load. Very good abrasion resistance and low water adsorption due to the waxed yarns. Easily spliced.
  • Easily adapted for production of Prussik slings.Please note that tree surgery ropes are highly specialised and therefore the CE marker is essential. They are situated between PSE (personal safety equipment) and System Positioning in the Workplace and are therefore included in the EU Standards network, which dictates the requirements for CE markers
  • Huge importance is placed on the splicing of our arborist ropes. Our agents and ourselves will gladly provide any assistance necessary