Braided polyester rope with a parallel core. Features easy handling with extremely low core-cover slack.


Breaking Loads and Weights

Ø [mm] 12
Core Cover Slack [mm] 0
Elongation [%] 2.6
Sheat´s mass [%] 69
Core´s mass [%] 31
Shrinkage [%] 1.7
Breaking Strength linear [kN] 29.4
kg [100m] 8.8

*   Spliced break load
**  Break load in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2307

Climbing ropes (DIN EN 1891)

What does a professional arborist need to hit the treetops in a flash? Good climbing skills and the right ropes. You’ll need to hone your technique yourself – but we’ll provide you with the perfect ropes! Gleistein offers diverse choices with varying weights, surface finishes and strengths.