Feb 17, 2010

Around the bend

DynaOne HS GeoBend for long life under flexural stress

Extreme bending and alternating loads are a significant challenge for the longevity of most ropes. With the introduction of the new DynaOne HS GeoBend series, Gleistein Ropes provides a high-performance solution that is, for example, perfect for deployment on davit cranes and winches. This latest innovation features a newly-developed special coating to cope with extreme flexural stresses and is constructed as a 12-strand braid from a Dyneema® SK75 fibre blend for high strength. Rope tenacity is further increased through the heat set manufacturing process while simultaneously reducing stretch. Its neutral buoyancy and ability to be implemented on equipment with smaller bend radiuses extends areas of potential application and makes DynaOne HS GeoBend an ideal replacement for wire rope.