GeoYacht - Ropes for recreational marine

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GeoMarine – ropes and other solutions for the commercial marine industry

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GeoMarine Mooring Solutions

Download the GeoMarine Mooring Solutions catalogue
5.4 MB, pdf

GeoMarine Towing lines & systems

Download the GeoMarine Towing Lines & Systems catalogue
4.3 MB, pdf

Texteel® – Brand name HMPE in Gleistein quality

Download Texteel® catalogue
425 KB, pdf

FLX Mooring System

Download FLX Mooring System Flyer
2.2 MB, pdf

Super Yacht – Ropes for the world’s most exclusive yachts

Download Gleistein Ropes Super Yacht Catalogue
7.4 MB, pdf

Rope solutions for sailmakers

Download Gleistein Ropes GeoYacht Sailmaker catalogue
2.1 MB, pdf

GeoLift – Precision lifting slings made from high performance ropes

Download GeoLift
1.2 MB, pdf

Herkules - Playground ropes

Downlod Gleistein Herkules catalogue
916 KB, pdf

GeoZoo – Monkey Rope

Download Gleistein GeoZoo catalogue
455 KB, pdf

GeoStage - Stunt rigging and theatre ropes

Download Gleistein Ropes GeoStage catalogue
2.5 MB, pdf

GeoSafe - Safety ropes

Download the Gleistein Ropes GeoSafe catalogue
380 KB, pdf

FLX Mooring System for Cruise Ships Brochure

Download FLX Mooring System for Cruise Ships Brochure
7 MB, pdf

Gleistein Factsheet Bio-based Dyneema® fibre

Download Gleistein Factsheet Bio-based Dyneema® fibre
86 KB, pdf

Operation instructions for lifting slings

Download operation instructions for lifting slings
353 KB, pdf

Splicebook – The expert's guide for professional splicing

Download the English Splicebook here.
6 MB, pdf

Gleistein Ropes testing laboratory

Download Gleistein Ropes testing laboratory flyer
261 KB, pdf