Dec 19, 2017

Wirtschaftssenator Bremen

Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs pays Gleistein a visit

A hidden champion for jobs and innovation

With a history spanning almost 200 years and being the oldest family-run industrial company in Bremen, Gleistein counts among the region’s most important firms. Last week, Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs,Martin Günthner, paid Gleistein Ropes a personal visit. He praised the company’s innovative strength and its role as a solid employer in the region and sees Gleistein as a driving force for economic development. The recently-announced strategic cooperation agreement between Gleistein and Pfeifer was also welcomed by the Senator who recognises that it is an important step towards fostering continued innovation in a competitive international environment while simultaneously supporting the long-term job security of the entire Gleistein team. 

See the short video produced during the visit by the Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports, below (in German).