Oct 1, 2015

Alex Thomson gives the thumbs-up for Gleistein Ropes

Gleistein Ropes is the Official Rope Supplier to Alex Thomson Racing on board of HUGO BOSS

Leading German sailing magazine Segler-Zeitung caught up with Alex Thomson recently in Naples on board of HUGO BOSS. Here’s what he had to say about the lines from Gleistein Ropes when asked in an interview by Volker Göbner to explain what makes the partnership with Gleistein so special:

“I think it’s the way we work together. We both have a real interest in developing the ropes further. If we see an opportunity to develop something or we see a problem, then it’s good to work with a company that is prepared to make that rope better for that application. That is really important to us. We’re using the ropes under the most extreme conditions and have pushed the size of them down to the absolute minimum – and we’re asking them to do more than 30,000 miles, which is more than most boats would do in an entire lifetime! So, Gleistein sees the value in using us as a testing ground.”

Read the entire interview (in German) in the latest print issue of Segler-Zeitung.