Dec 18, 2020

A change of generations at Gleistein Slovakia s.r.o.

“When the small boat ‘Gleistein Slovakia’ set sail in 1997, it was a voyage into the unknown. Today I proudly hand over the bridge of this large ship sailing at full speed to my two successors. Ľuboš and Ján, you have all the necessary prerequisites to continue our joint success story as fine captains!”
Michal Šandrej

Michal Šandrej will end his career as the long-standing Managing Director of Gleistein Slovakia on 31.12.2020. He built up the company in close cooperation with the Bremen parent firm with unwavering strength, foresight and courage, and shaped it into what it is today: A state-of-the-art industrial enterprise and an indispensable production site for the Gleistein Group as well as a major employer for some 130 staff in Trenčín and across the region.

Ľuboš Starinský and Ján Bahno will take over as the new dual heads of Gleistein Slovakia. With their many years of experience as accomplished Gleisteiners, they are both advocates of solution-oriented action and are ready to embrace the challenges that the responsibility of managing a company in the midst of a transformation in a dynamic market environment – from a classic rope manu- facturer to a leading system provider for textile connections – will entail.

With the departure of Michal Šandrej, a distinguished and highly regarded personality, both among colleagues and partners, is stepping down from the bridge. The farewell is not easy for us, but it is comforting to know that he will continue to be available as a consultant for some time to come. By the same token, his successors Ľuboš Starinský and Ján Bahno will enjoy the full support of the company right from the outset and can count on the complete trust and confidence of the entire Gleistein Group management team. We are eagerly anticipating the future!