Rope finishing:
the finish makes all the difference

Many high quality ropes are given a final finish in the RSC, the Rope Service Center in Bremen-Blumenthal; for greater strength, optimised materials utilisation, or for special coating and surface properties. Gleistein Ropes has pioneered many finishing processes. We have also developed and built most of the machinery to achieve this ourselves in our own special purpose machinery manufacture. Typical rope finishing processes include:

  • Thermal and cold stretching
  • Thermal shrinking
  • Dyeing
  • Impregnating
  • Coating
  • Re-extruding


Starting with the end of the line …

The highest possible breaking load of a top quality rope must be achieved in the end termination. There are specific splicing procedures for the majority of Gleistein ropes to realise the rope’s full potential in use. It is paramount that these splicing procedures are executed with the highest degree of professionalism. For this there are three options:

1. Splicing done by master splicers

All necessary splicing is performed by Gleistein’s professional splicers at our premises.

2. Splicing on site at your premises

Our riggers certainly get around, as we provide a worldwide rigging service on request.

3. Become a master rigger yourself

We are pleased to share our knowledge with you. Visit one of our splice courses in our Rope Service Centre in Bremen. Here you will learn all common splice techniques. Equipped with the right tools and a little bit of exercise you can achieve best results on your own – and additionally you get a good insight into the Gleistein Rope World …

Courses and Seminars:
Learn more about ropes

Ropes look simple, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. We appreciate your interest in our company and products. Our “Brief rope Lore” and the product section offer a wealth of information that you won’t find as quickly anywhere else.

If you still want to know more, come to one of our seminars in the RSC! The training we offer includes courses with a wide range of main focuses that are individually designed to fit in with the group attending.

Courses are often about explaining the interaction of raw materials, constructions, and applications, but you can also gain ‘hands-on’ skills in our splicing courses. Learn the sophisticated techniques for creating first-class end terminations under the guidance of our expert splicers!

Just ask us: We can organise the dates, combine different interests, and cater to your special wishes!