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This website is designed for you: is absolute performance important? Or do you enjoy just relaxing on board? Do you take over both Spi sheet and tiller yourself, or could you recruit a soccer team out of your crew? Whatever your choice: you’ll find whatever you need for your type of water sport and be reliably provided with the right rope for your individual requirement.

100% effort, 100% adventure!
In a small boat you directly experience the fascination of sailing. In contact with waves and spray, you have the wind literally in your hands!

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Heavy squalls tear at the sails, the bow plunges into the turbulent sea and water hits you in the face: regatta sailing is a tough sport, demanding maximum experience, endurance and ability.

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Sun and wind, the view of the water:
for you, sailing means experiencing nature in perfect conditions, because everyday life and stress are left behind on land.

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Sailing is the freedom to decide your own course. And on your course, the way is much more than the aim. Because on a large luxury yacht, technical perfection, nature and sensual enjoyment harmonise in the most pleasant way.

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Simply cast off and make way. Set course for discovery to islands and estuaries, to solitary bays with ideal anchorages, romantically located marinas or interesting ports.

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Wooden masts and spars, lovingly restored deckhouses, bronze windlasses and old steamship stems: your heart beats faster for classic vessels, whose whole appearance embodies maritime culture and the charm of a bygone era.

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