GeoYacht - Ropes for recreational marine

Download Gleistein Ropes GeoYacht Catalogue
9.6 MB, pdf

GeoMarine – ropes and other solutions for the commercial marine industry

Download the Gleistein Ropes GeoMarine catalogue
8.4 MB, pdf

Herkules - Playground ropes

Downlod Gleistein Herkules catalogue
916 KB, pdf

GeoStage - Stunt rigging and theatre ropes

Download Gleistein Ropes GeoStage catalogue
2 MB, pdf

GeoSafe - Safety ropes

Download the Gleistein Ropes GeoSafe catalogue
380 KB, pdf

GeoClimber instructions

Download GeoClimber instructions
1.4 MB, pdf

Splicebook – Tips and tricks for expert splicing

The complete, new German version can be bought here.

Download the English Splicebook
1.2 MB, pdf

Gleistein Ropes testing laboratory

Download Gleistein Ropes testing laboratory flyer
261 KB, pdf